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Earning Serendipity


By Glenn Llopis

Genre: -
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Review by Diana Saenger
There are so many books about leadership and how to achieve success on the bookshelves these days it’s intimidating. I was skeptical when first picking up Earning Serendipity, but I was immediately intrigued by Glenn LLopis’ simple logic and insight on his business philosophy.
LLopis not only believes in serendipity, he instructs how to find it and use it to control the path of prosperity. In his foreword, Adlai Wertman, Founding Director of Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California said about earning serendipity, “it requires looking at the world in a new way and maneuvering through that world in a determined and structured manner.”
In my interview with LLopis he revealed how much his father, Frank LLopis, influenced his life. His parents were born in Cuba, and his father fled from the revolution to South America where he became a world famous musician. “It was my father who taught me the principles of leadership as a young man,” LLopis said. “He would give me tapes and always answer my questions. This book is my Tuesdays with Morrie in regards to my father.”
Earning Serendipity fully explains LLopis’ ideas that identify four primary characters that can help or hinder development and how to see and sow opportunities within your field. He includes his own four skills to create and sustain good fortune in one’s work. There are numerous step by step methods throughout the book and a Workplace Serendipity quiz at the end.
Chapters include topics on Seeing with Circular Vision, Sowing Entrepreneurial Seeds and Sharing the Harvest. Ken Blanchard, - author of The One Minute Manager - said about Earning Serendipity, "It's philosophical approach to business is fresh and interesting with a touch of widsom."
Keith Ferrazzi - author of Never Eat Alone - said about Earning Serendipity, "How refreshing to read practical business advice that comes straight from the heart."
LLopis is The President/CEO of Glenn Llopis Group; Chairman of the E2E Mentor Program at UCIrvine’s Executive MBA Programs; Faculty Lecturer at Vanguard University; was Keynote Speaker at the 2008 United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Convention and the founder of The Center for Hispanic Leadership.
Earning Serendipity
Published by Greenleaf Book Group Press
196 pages
$21.95, Hardcover
ISBN 978-1-929774-91-3
Recommended Audience:
Those seeking to prosper in the business world