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Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters


Fun Fot Kids & Some Adults

Genre: Fantasy
MPAA Rating: PG
all ages
Runtime: 106 minutes
Our Rating:
Directed by: Thor Freudenthal
Cast: Logan Lerman, Stanley Tucci, Anthony Head, Leven Rambin, Douglas Smith, Alexandra Daddario, Brandon T. Jackson,
Review by Diana Saenger

When the gods are away; the kids will play. Or in Percy Jackson & The Olympians: Sea of Monsters, maybe go to extra lengths to make a difference. Continuing the adaptation of author Rick Riordan’s young reader’s book series into films, Sea of Monsters follows the 2010 film Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, which is about Greek Myth of gods and monsters.

The adventure involves children of the Greek gods. Percy (Logan Lerman), who has a mortal mother, has only recently learned he’s the son of Greek sea god Poseidon. Yet as he sticks his hand in a body of water and beckons for a sign that his father hears him, Percy gets no such response.
Percy is training at Camp Half-Blood along with other children of gods, but it’s a dark mood there. Many are still mourning the loss of their friend Thalia. In a previous episode, she was turned into a tree. With the help from a couple of silly teachers Percy gets his training and his position in society.
Tucci, Lerman
Mr. D. (Stanley Tucci) swiftly walks around teaching the kids certain things, but he’s often leaving off the end of the conversation leaving the kids to mostly decide their own course. Meanwhile, Chiron (Anthony Head), who is a Centaur (half-man, half-horse) provides more educational aspects to the campers and options when they must face some huge battles.
The Camp is no longer safe as monsters are invading and Thalia’s tree, once the barrier gate to the Camp, has been poisoned. During the Camp games the young people battle to be the leaders. Percy always seems to come in second place behind Clarisse (Leven Rambin).
Jackson, Lerman, Daddario
Before the story goes into a wild adventure Percy learns a new kid in camp is claiming to be his half-brother. Percy takes one look at the cyclops (someone who has only one eye in the middle of his forehead) to rebuff Tyson (Douglas Smith). Athena’s daughter Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario) convinces him to take Tyson along to rescue their friend Grover (Brandon T. Jackson), from a Cyclops. Grover is a satyr (upper body of a man and the lower body of a goat).
Lerman, Daddario
They must find the Golden Fleece in order to save the Camp. The adventure is funny, dangerous and challenging. The trio meets up with former friend Luke (Jake Abel) who is now a foe. I liked that the kids seem to have good morals and want to do the right thing. The actors portraying them are all good.
Sea of Monsters may not be thrilling for adults but I found it entertaining, especially for children 5-14. One scene alone with three crazy ladies driving a taxicab is enough to make adults laugh. There are lots of special effects the kids will love. This is one of the “few” films that 3-D serves it well, although I didn’t wear mine at all because they make the movie look like it's black and white instead of color.
Photo credits: Murray Close / Twentieth Century Fox Film
Recommended Audience:
Fans of the books and most kids.