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October Baby


Hits Home About Family Life

Genre: Family
MPAA Rating: PG-13
for mature thematic material
Runtime: 107 minutes
Our Rating:
Directed by: Jon and Andrew Erwin
Cast: Rachel Hendrix, Jason Burkey, John Schneider, Jennifer Price
Review by Diana Saenger
Faith based films are gaining more movie fans every year although theatre owners haven’t recognized that as of yet since those films show up in limited release. Provident Films released Fireproof in 2008 and Courageous in 2011. Fireproof has earned more than $33 million and Courageous more than $34 million. The company’s newest release is October Baby about a young girl who discovers some alarming news about her life.
John Schneider
When Hannah (Rachel Hendrix) collapses on stage while acting in a school play she’s immediately taken to a hospital. Her parents, Jacob (John Schneider) and Grace (Jennifer Price), are concerned, especially when it’s revealed that her condition relates back to her birth. Forced to level with Rachael, they inform her she was adopted, but even more bizarre that her birth was from a failed abortion.
Distraught, Rachael goes on a journey to find her birth mother and why she didn’t want her. Jacob adamantly objects to this idea, but when he and Grace realize how fragile their new relationship with their daughter really is they have to consent.
Jason Burkey and Rachel Hendrix
Of course, any good father would set the conditions for such a long trip half-way across the county and Jacob is no different. However, his attack on Hannah’s best friend Jason (Jason Burkey), whom he doesn’t seem to like along with the other group of teen misfits that plan to ride along in the old van, doesn’t set well with Hannah.
Once those details are ironed out, the kids are off. The van is crowded and Hannah isn’t pleased that her best friend Jason has brought along his girlfriend (Colleen Trusler), but jokers BMac (Chris Sligh) and Lance (Carl Maguire) keep things light as a teen romance blossoms.
Chris Sligh
 Jon and Andrew Erwin are co-writers with a few others who make their directing debut on October Baby. The filmmakers have created an engaging story that gets more complicated as it moves along but also more enlightening. “We’re thrilled to introduce these exciting, young filmmakers to audiences nationwide,” said Meyer Gottlieb, president of Samuel Goldwyn Films. October Baby is one more example of Samuel Goldwyn Films’ commitment to releasing films with a dedicated audience. That, coupled with getting to collaborate with Provident once again, made this a homerun for us.”
As with most faith-based films the themes of difficult challenges and encouragement are well played out throughout the plot with the help of some suitable and enjoyable music. Ultimately Hannah must learn to harness her power to choose to love herself and others and forgive.
In support of the film’s life-affirming theme, the producers of October Baby have assigned 10 percent of the profits of the film to the Every Life is Beautiful Fund. The money will be distributed to frontline organizations helping women face crisis pregnancies, life-affirming adoption agencies and those caring for orphans. “We feel like it’s very important to use October Baby as an opportunity to serve, give back and save lives,” Jon Erwin said. “That’s what we want the Every Life Is Beautiful Fund to be about.”
Photo Credits: Samuel Goldwyn Films
Recommended Audience:
teens and families.