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Beauty and the Beast


As Good as a Broadway Show

Fantasy PG-13

Although Disney has released a slew of movies and DVDs about Beauty and the Beast, there is always a new generation ready to indulge in the heart-felt story of heart over beauty. Some may ask how they can improve the 1991

Kong: Skull Island


Kong: Skull Island thrills and excites

Action PG-13


Another King Kong movie! Well, this one is not like the 1933 version although it pays tribute to that classic. It’s been whipped into shape by director Jordan Vogt-Roberts. He began making films in his Detroit home basement and gained fame


Get Out


Hate Horror Films? See This One

Comedy R

I generally avoid horror films at all costs. I figure there’s enough of that in the daily news; adding fictional horror hardly seems necessary.

But I’ll make an exception for Get Out, Jordan Peele’s smart, funny and yes, creepy going-to-meet-the-parents thriller that

Live-Action Shorts


Short Shots


Live-Action Shorts

Current events have clearly influenced two of this year’s final five live-action shorts. But my favorites are about a choir and a pair of parking garage security guards.




The Great Wall


A Whale of a Tale

Action PG-13

The smashing IMAX 3D action adventure film The Great Wall is pure entertainment, fun and fantasy! We wonder how Matt Damon (as William Garin) ended up in Qingdao, China and on top of The Great Wall

Antarctica: Ice and Sky


Discoveries Under the Ice


Glaciologist Claude Lorius found his life’s work in 1955 when he signed on for a scientific expedition to Antarctica as part of the International Geophysical Year. He would spend a winter with two companions in

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