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John Wick
(2014 )
Relentless Action and Thrills

Action R

There are action pictures and then there are more than action pictures. The new Keanu Reeves film John Wick is in a category all by itself. Fans of mayhem and head-busting will eat ... more

(2014 )
It's War - Only Two Scenes In The Film Appear Hopeful.

Drama R

The war drama Fury contains both strength and weakness. It takes place in 1945 when American tankers are fighting for their lives against the Germans in the WWII American Theatre. Duringmore

(2014 )
Music As Battleground

Drama R

To me, making music has always been a soothing, stirring or inspirational experience, but to 19-year-old drummer Andrew Neyman (Miles Teller) it feels more like war. 

St Vincent
(2014 )
Wildly Funny With Pathos

Comedy PG-13

Bill Murray is an acquired taste and has not been at the top of this reviewer’s list very often. However, in the new comedy St. Vincent, Murray revives his curmudgeonly persona, takes it ... more

(2014 )
Language Barrier


A quiet little chamber piece called Lilting reflects on family, communication, grief and misunderstanding. Junn (Cheng Pei-pei) has the sweet look of a mother, perhaps even ... more

The Judge
(2014 )
Excellent Cast in Poignant Drama

Drama R

Casting a prominent and recognizable actor in a movie usually ups the anticipation as well as audience turnout in theaters. And casting two or more of those actors together probably means the film ... more

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