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Latest Reviews

The Resurrection Of Gavin Stone


Funny ,Poignant, Well Told Story

Romantic Comedy PG

Some people ignore going to faith-based movies fearing they might be preached to. However, a good entertaining story with a credible cast can get a message across in different ways. The Resurrection Of Gavin Stone is



‘Silence’ Surges With Courage and Determination

Drama R

Just the name Martin Scorsese can draw many movie fans to the theater. Since his Best Director - Motion Picture award nomination of Raging Bull in 1980 to his Best Director and Best Film The Wolf




Wonderfully Inspiring

Drama PG-13

With the Critics, Golden Globe and studio bombardment of potential films competing for Academy Awards choosing a good movie to see might be difficult. Lion is a true story that happened to Saroo (Sunny Pawar), a



Clever, Funny, Adorable

Animation PG

An energetic entrepreneur koala, Buster Moon (voice of Matthew McConaughey), hasn't had a hit show in his beautiful old theatre for a long time. The bank is threatening foreclosure so Buster decides to hold open auditions



Miss Sloane


Boring and Lacking Appeal

Drama R

It’s the season where we run around to shop, wrap gifts, enjoy parties, send out cards, decorate the house, get a tree; otherwise tire ourselves out. So maybe a few hours in the movie theatre might

Rogue One


Grand Return of Star Wars Epic

Action PG-13

A review of any Star Wars epic is superfluous as the films are always gigantic world-wide hits. The kids who love these movies could care less what critics think, and they are probably correct! A Star