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The Identical
(2014 )
Heartfelt & Love the Music

Drama PG

Director Dustin Marcellino’s The Identical is a throwback to the days of rock ‘n’ roll. The story actually begins in 1936 when William (Brian Geraghtymore

The November Man
(2014 )
Bronson nails his tough, ruthless, bleak character

Drama R

Is Pierce Brosnan as exciting in The November Man as he is in a Bond movie? Are the CIA complexities in this film as thrilling and secretive as in ... more

A Letter to Momo
(2014 )
Painterly Animation


Guilt, grief and Shintoesque goblins converge in filmmaker Hiroyuki Okiura’s leisurely and lovely animated tale A Letter to Momo 

The ... more

The Last of Robin Hood
(2014 )
Boring salaciousness

Biography R