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(2014 )
What Is Happening?

Science Fiction PG-13

Some say Johnny Depp can do no wrong, but he is best doing his outrageous characters than he is playing a man who is not over-the-top. In the new Warner Bros.’ science fiction ... more

Afternoon of a Faun Tanaquil Le Clercq
(2014 )
The Faun Dances


Ballet was Tanaquil Le Clercq’s life – she was a muse for both Geroge Balanchine (whom she married) and Jerome Robbins – but in a strange quirk of fate it also foreshadowed the ... more

Heaven Is For Real
(2014 )
Inspiring & Based On A True Story

Drama PG

Since November 2010 when the book Heaven Is For Real was released, the mystic of whether the story about a little boy visiting heaven while on the operating table was true or not ... more

(2014 )
More To This Mirror Than Meets The Eye

Horror R

Many people admit shuddering when seeing their own image in a mirror while walking through their homes. In Mike Flanagan’s Oculus, siblings Tim and Kaylie Russell do not want to look into the ... more

Goodbye World
(2014 )
Serious Look At The Future


It’s clear we’re living in a new generation when friends are gathered together as the world may be ending and one responds “Starbucks” when asked what it is they will miss most. 

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
(2014 )
Super Fun, Super Exciting

Adventure PG-13

Super heroes are super because they have an undeniable guarantee of returning to the big screen again and again. That’s why the expectation for Captain America: The Winter Soldier resulted in a $96.2 ... more

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