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Latest Reviews

Rebel in the Rye


Well Done and Very Interesting

Drama PG-13

Entertainment has become a massive part of our lives through many different venues. One of the interesting things we read among critics is that the same film will most likely have numerous different viewpoints. That’s okay



Horrible, Unpleasant, Infuriating Movie No One Should See

Horror R

Critics who bone up on a film before they see it can only imagine where it will take them. In the new film Mother, it was a long road down a dark alley with no clue


All Saints


Inspiring True Story That Will Amaze

- PG

Here’s a Little History about the All Saints Church in Smyrna, Tennessee. Win, who had just finished high school in Karen Thailand and hoped to become a missionary like his father, was long gone when the government

The Hitmanís Bodyguard


Comedy, Fun, Frenetic Activity

Comedy R

The Hitman’s Bodyguard is a no-holds barred, shoot-em-up, slam bang action film. That’s what American film-goers seem to like these days as the audience cheered at the screening I attended. That’s what we’re dealing with in



The Glass Castle


A True Story Impeccably Performed


In 2005 I attended a National Federation of Press Women Conference in New York City. Our Keynote speaker was Jeannette Walls who spoke about her new book, The Glass Castle, a memoir of her and her

Pop Aye


Searching for home


It’s tempting to describe this film as “midlife crisis with elephant,” but that’s a bit too flip and disrespectful of the message of Pop Aye, whose main plot event is a long walk back home for elephant Popeye (Bong)