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Latest Reviews

New Life


Beautiful, Heartfelt Story of Pure Love

Romance PG

New Life are two words that could have many meanings. For two seven-year kids it means a lot to them when they become neighbors. Seven-year-old Ben (Jonathan Patrick Moore) moved with his family to the U.S.

The Girl On The Train


Worth Viewing

Mystery R

The Girl on the Train is probably the most anticipated film of the year. Paula Hawkins novel was a runaway hit, being translated into many languages and being sold in blockbuster numbers around the world. Now,

Deepwater Horizon


Non-Stop Gripping True Story

Drama PG-13

Watching ill-fated stories about disasters when people die are sometimes hard to watch. Throw in the fact that it’s a true story that fueled headlines worldwide can add even more anxiety while watching. This is exactly

The Magnificent Seven


Clever and fingernail-biting excitement.

Western PG-13

It’s hard to imagine a western movie that remains peaceful and calm throughout. Not to worry; The Magnificent Seven by director Antoine Fuqua and the five writers, deliver plenty of shoot ‘em up movements. It’s 1879




Drama R

Memo to Oliver Stone:  You have turned a man many think of as a traitor into a hero. Mr. Stone, you may have your reasons, but your film about Edward Snowden has weighed heavily on his



True story of “The Miracle on the Hudson” Exhilarating, Moving and Well Done

Drama PG-13

There have been many plane crashes with remorseful outcomes globally. That wasn’t quite the case on January 15, 2009 when pilot Chesley “ Sully” Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) and his co-pilot Jeff Skiles (Aaron Eckhart), were